Member Highlights

Ashleigh Harvey

Ashleigh has been a Firefighter with Dinwiddie Volunteer Fire and EMS, Company 1, since 2017. She has utilized our learning partnership with Columbia Southern University to obtain her Associate in Business Science degree. The learning partnership allows members to take fewer classes at one time in a 100% online learning environment, and most importantly, at a low cost. Ashleigh also serves on the Recruitment and Retention Committee at the county level.

Jeremy "Austin" Johnson

Austin joined the Department in October of 2014. Since joining, Austin has obtained many certifications and risen through the ranks. He has held multiple positions within the Department, starting as a Junior Firefighter, Senior Firefighter, Fire Lieutenant, Fire Captain, Assistant Fire Chief, and currently the Chief of Company 1. Austin has also held administrative positions such as Vice President and President and sat on numerous boards and teams such as the Regional Hazmat Team, and the county apparatus committee. In addition to volunteering, Austin became a career Firefighter and served the City of Hopewell for four years. Since that time, Austin has become a very successful business owner within the Dinwiddie community and states that his time in the fire service has helped him to get to where he is today.

Robert Mengal

Robert, known to all as Bob, joined the Department in August of 1968. Bob is Company 1's longest active member and currently serves as an Active Life Support member. Bob has held a plethora of officer positions, including Fire Chief. Just to name a few, Bob's numerous certifications include Fire I, II, and III, many different Hazardous Materials certifications, Radiological monitoring courses, and vehicle extrication. Bob also played an integral role in helping form Old Hickory Volunteer Fire Department (Company 5). Bob is an example of a lifetime of service and commitment to his community.

Noah Jordaans

Noah joined Dinwiddie Volunteer Fire and EMS, Company 1, in January 2022. Within just one year, Noah's accomplishments and qualifications are a reflection of his hard work and dedication. In addition to graduating high school in 2022, Noah received his Firefighter I and Hazmat certifications, as well as passing the NREMT exam and becoming a cleared provider in the system. In addition to volunteering, Noah has worked as an EMT for American Medical Response and now is employed as a Firefighter/EMT with Chesterfield County.

Dinwiddie County Fire & EMS is responsible for delivering fire services, emergency medical services, and the emergency management program. With approximately 200 personnel, including full-time, part-time, and volunteer members working out of 6 Fire and EMS stations, we offer multiple opportunities for people to serve their community.