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Dinwiddie County Fire & EMS is a combination of Career and Volunteer members.

We are committed to providing our community with the highest level of services in public safety. Our members protect lives and property through fire suppression, emergency medical services, emergency management, fire prevention, and public education.


To excel at the delivery of superior community service


To be prepared, improve continuously, and honor our core values

Core Values


C – Community

A – Accountability

R – Resilience

E – Empathy

S – Safety

Dinwiddie County Fire & EMS is responsible for delivering fire services, emergency medical services, and the emergency management program. With approximately 200 personnel, including full-time, part-time, and volunteer members working out of 6 Fire and EMS stations, we offer multiple opportunities for people to serve their community.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We have opportunities for those who would like to volunteer in a support role, such as:

It’s not what you look like, what degree you have, or where you come from. It’s about heart. If you have the heart to serve the community, you possess everything needed to volunteer.

Join one of the six Dinwiddie County Fire & EMS stations and become part of a diverse team of life-saving professionals.

We are constantly seeking volunteers to fill emergency operations roles to provide Fire suppression, EMS, HazMat & Rescue response, and public education.


Free Training and Certification

Career Opportunities

Our career team consists of full-time dual role, full-time EMS only, and part-time EMS only personnel. Our career team works closely with our volunteer element to provide emergency services to the citizens and visitors of Dinwiddie County.

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Our full-time dual-role staff work out of our Dinwiddie (Company 1) and McKenney (Company 3) fire stations.

We have six personnel assigned to each shift. At minimum staffing, two personnel are assigned to each station where they primarily staff an engine and a medic unit.

At maximum staffing, the two additional personnel are assigned to our Dinwiddie fire station to keep Engine 1 staffed with at least two personnel.

Our dual role personnel work a rotating 24-hour schedule that includes a 24/24 “hell week” and a 5-day break each cycle.

Our full-time EMS-only personnel staff an ALS medic unit out of Namozine (Company 4). They work a 40-hour work week on a modified 24/72 schedule.

Our Part-Time personnel work primarily at our Dinwiddie (Company 1) fire station. The goal of our part-time program is to staff an additional medic unit in the center of the county.

This allows our Dual Role staff to keep Engine 1 staffed during our peak call volume hours.

Part-time personnel primarily work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. However, they may fill vacancies in the schedule for our full-time EMS-only staff.

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