Carson Volunteer Fire Department

Company 6 Carson Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1961. With various active firefighters and associate volunteers serving the community, we respond to calls for service within the Carson area of Prince George County and Dinwiddie County. Apparatus assigned: Engines 3, 32, and 33, Brush 3 and 32, Tanker 3, Rescue 3, and Support 3. […]

Old Hickory Volunteer Fire Department

Company 5 Old Hickory Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1977. We proudly serve the residents of Dinwiddie County and Sussex County. Why Our Company A prospective volunteer should consider our organization because volunteer firefighting is one of the best ways to serve your community. Old Hickory is an amazing and welcoming rural community. We […]

Namozine Volunteer Fire & EMS

Company 4 Namozine Volunteer Fire & EMS Company 4 has proudly served the residents of North Dinwiddie County since 1957. Our diverse department is made up of individuals who have retired from their careers, young adults who proudly volunteer their time, working professionals and tradesmen. These men and women provide fire protection and emergency medical […]

McKenney Volunteer Fire & EMS

Company 3 McKenney Volunteer Fire and EMS is seated in the only incorporated town in Dinwiddie County. We are the oldest organized Fire Department in the county and one of the oldest in the area. Why Our Company Being in the Town of McKenney, our department offers that small town feel and experience in rural […]

Ford Volunteer Fire & EMS

Company 2 Ford Volunteer Fire Department is located in Church Road, Virginia. We have operated as an all-volunteer company since our conception in 1956. We provide Fire and EMS services primarily to the Ford, Wilsons, and Church Road areas of Dinwiddie County. We have around 40 volunteers assigned to our station and we are always […]

Dinwiddie Volunteer Company 1

Company 1 Dinwiddie Company 1 was the first fire company established as a Dinwiddie County station. We are located centrally near the Courthouse and have the largest area of 1st and 2nd due combined coverage. Why Our Company Company 1 would be a great choice for a prospective volunteer because we have a wide age […]

Dinwiddie Fire & EMS

Career Our career team consists of full-time dual role, full-time EMS only, and part-time EMS only personnel. Our career team works closely with our volunteer element to provide emergency services to the citizens and visitors of Dinwiddie County. Job Opportunities Benefits View Career Opportunities Types of Employment Full-Time Dual Role Full-Time EMS Only Part-Time EMS […]